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11/20/2022 9:30:52 AM
Sir Lancelot Von Esquire.
Sir Lancelot Von Esquire.

Why are we here is it just to suffer antiguos

Buffs for the exotic glaives

So as everyone knows the exotic glaives are not good, I believe the problem lies with them requiring you to not guard to be able to use their exotic perk and that is on top of not having a first and second column perk so as it stands legendary glaives are superior. The solution for the main problem as I would see it is changing the requirements for activating the alt fire, so you are allowed to be flexible and use the glaive as a glaive while reaping the benefits of its exotic perk this is a very important change as of right now, I have no reason to use the exotic glaives over a legendary one alright with that out of the way let's get to the two glaives that's effect is lacking first Edge of Concurrence this glaive is ok as it boasts the highest rpm at 80 at the cost of some of its primary fire damage but that doesn't matter as its alt fire does very high damage the only extra change it needs is the alt fire jolting targets. now for edge of intent the worst of the glaives now it boasts the lowest rpm at 45 the lowest mag at 4 the lowest handing also for the benefit of a negligible boost in range and damage so my solution would be changing the damage falloff distance dramatically allowing it to be used in mid to long ranged engagements. Now for a request please rework its alt fire the healing turret is awful my suggestion for said rework is as follows change it from firing projectiles to tethering to nearby friendly players like a void soul as the healing projectiles it currently shoots are to slow and have a tendency to focus one player only instead of the group second make the turret give restoration and radiant. Thank you for your time and attention and I hope someone at bungie HQ sees this!

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