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11/19/2022 8:32:46 PM

Recruiting: Active PvE/P 6man Endgame Clan

Hey There we building a clan of 6 people only who are Experienced in all of destiny’s aspect whether it’s pve or pvp. Our primary Goal is day1 since we have struggled long enough with lfg when it came to accomplishing endgame activity’s within the Game. Our plan is to conquer all of the Difficult Activities together so we can build chemistry along the way an make sure we day1 ready thru all the trail an error. While day1 is our priority we will help out clan-mates who need carry’s to the lighthouse or those who need to farm any of the loot in the pve side of the world. Objective: -Day 1 -Trails Of Osiris -Flawless Low-man -Dungeon Speedruns Requirements: -250 Raid Completion -200 GM Completion -2 Flawless Raid Tag -2 Flawless Dungeon Tag -2 Raid Seals -An Some brain Cells (21+) If you Have at-least 4 of these In your raid report Hmu. However if yu have Any of the requirements down below then you Qualified to join Bonus: -Day 1 tag -1.4kd in pvp -Low-man Completion (Fresh Cp)

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