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11/18/2022 2:43:16 PM

Crucible and Gambit Map Ideas

I would love to see a map voting system be placed at the loading screen for 2 separate maps to be voted for by the fireteams. This would add some excitement. This would help create data on what maps players love compared to ones they hate. I just read that the only one crucible new map will come with 2 old returning. This is disappointing. In order to combat that I would love to see Bungie hold some sort of contest. I would love to see Destiny2 have a Forge system like Halo. Let people use their creativity to submit maps for both crucible and gambit. The event could be a monthly event. The community or Bungie could vote and the top 3 winners of each style of map get a forge belt or some type of reward. The maps would be put in the pool for that particular month. This adds more content to crucible and gambit and keeps things exiting. Any thoughts are welcome here.

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