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11/12/2022 4:10:34 AM

Salute to a fallen Guardian: Shadeoblac

Hey, Destiny community. I wasn’t sure where else to post this, so I hope it is okay to do it here. I just wanted to make a small tribute to a best friend of mine who Passed Away today. His name is Oscar and he is better known as Shadeoblac or Shade. Shade loved Destiny. He played nearly every single day and was an amazing and kindhearted player who loved this community and game with his whole heart. Not because of the content or immersive experience alone, but also because of the connection he got to enjoy with other players and cultures, and with his friends. Shade was the first player to ask if you needed anything for the week. Pinnacles, dungeons, raids - no matter what it was, even with nearly 200 raid clears, Shade would be there to help you through it. If you needed a checkpoint, Shade would find a way to get it. If you were looking for a specific mod, Shade would login and check with Ada-1 every morning to see if she was selling it and text you about it before you woke up. If you were new to the game, Shade would take you under his wing and support your fight through the entire campaign no matter how many times he had done it. Shade was the glue that kept our Clan and friend group together. If anyone ever had an issue he would be the first to try and address it and fix it. If you were sad, he would put on the most annoying emotes and do his best to cheer you up. He never stopped talking about how cool the Nights Chill shader is and has 70,000 kills with Lament because he never put the darn thing away - even when we asked him to. Shade was smart and funny and the sweetest man you could ever know. He was a damn good guardian, and a better man, and he will be so severely missed. Thank you Bungie and this amazing community for bringing him into our lives, and thank you Shade for making this world so much brighter while you were with us. I love you, my friend. May the light guide you. Per Audacia ad astra To anyone who sees this, honor Shade by swinging Lament around the Sol System. He would be proud of you all.
#Bungie #destiny2

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