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11/12/2022 7:37:47 PM

Aesthetic: Day 1/ Hardcore Endgame PvE Clan [Adults Only] [2 Spots Left]

If you're a hardcore endgame player looking to be part of a small and close group with players such as yourself with whom you can build an in-game chemistry with then Aesthetic might be for you. Most of the top clans in this game have under 20 players all consistent in skill, chemistry and gameplay which proves to be the most efficient model on an endgame level as you have a limited roster of players with the same mindset as you. Why be part of a group which has 50 players, most of whom you won't interact with all the time, when you can be part of a smaller group you personally know and can depend on to get the job done whilst having a good time doing so? We're mainly focused on Day 1 clears for upcoming content as well as low man material so we're looking for players with a similar mindset. That being said we're also looking for decent people who don't take the game too seriously and expect everyone else to be constantly active. [b]You can be good at the game and still have a life![/b] [b][u]Basic Requirements:[/u][/b] • Must be 18+ [Adults Only] • Must Have Discord For Basic Communication • Must Have Access To Every DLC Expansion and Season Pass Starting From Witch Queen • Have A Good Personality • Have A Sense Of Humor • Have An Impeccable Sense Of Drip [b][u]What We Look For:[/u][/b] • Over 100 Full Raid Clears • Over 100 Full Dungeon Clears • At Least 2 Raid Titles [Including Kingslayer] • At Least 3 Conqueror Title Gilds • Any 2 Solo Flawless Dungeon Clears • Any Flawless Raid Clears [b][u]Substitute Requirements:[/u][/b] • Low Man Raid Clears • Any Day 1 Raid Clear To be considered, most of [b][u]what we look for[/u][/b] has to be met in order to keep the skill level of the group consistent. [b]We'll never ask you to have something that we don't in order to join.[/b] If you think you'll make a good addition to our team, go to my clan page where you can apply to join or message me directly. If interested we'll reach out to you. All About The Aesthetic...

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