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11/5/2022 9:58:13 AM

Liars handshake not working as intended

I've used this exotic for some time and loved its uses in pve and pvp, but as of current I've been forced to use other exotics due to a irritating bug with the new arc 3.0 super overhaul and the Liars handshake perk. The uses in pve have worked for the most part but not as consistent as it used to be, now you have to dodge before this perk will be allowed to activate, but in pvp its a totally different story you have to dodge before you are meleed by an opponent to activate the empowered melee. It's been an issue for a while this season and not alot of talk about this exotic has been going around nor the use of this exotic most players have it on for the stats or just for the once in a while activation in pvp. I do hope this exotic is noticed as i have put many hours building armor just to use it once the new arc 3.0 dropped but haven't been able to use it like I once did being able to clutch a 1v3 in trials was the highlight of my card, due to the melee dropping guardians after they try and kill me with the Melee, yeah the melee could one hit but you weren't unkillable if they backed away they could win the gun fight or if more than one guardian hit you at a time you could die to the melee. The use of the exotic was for pure fun of and not much else now all we have are old exotics to replace this exotic, please bungie fix the issue with this exotic( I'm sure it's a issue with the jolting effect or the effect that the melee gives charged or uncharged) this could be a starting point to look into for this exotic. P.S. you could just change the description of the exotics perk but this would mean you'd have to rework the exotic.

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