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11/3/2022 1:40:27 AM

• Shαdøw • Day One/Endgame

I’m an endgame PVE player that is building a community with likeminded people. There’s so many of us who want to play this game at a high level and have fun while doing so. That’s the goal here. In just over 2 weeks we’ve grown to over 40 members with over 6,000 raid clears within our top 10 combined—multiple flawless/solo flawless runs and low man runs between us all, as well. My Raid Report: [u]What is Shαdøw?[/u] [b]Primary Platform:[/b] All (we have players from PSN/Xbox/Steam) [b]Timezones:[/b] Clan is mostly US, but we have a lot of UK players as well and are actively looking for more. Shαdøw is all about endgame PVE—Raids, GMs, Master content, completing raid seals, low-man runs, and flawless/solo flawless runs. All of our work is in preparation for day one raids—we intend to have multiple teams running. We’re partnered with Defiance, a Discord server that, including our own, houses 4 clans and over 400 members. As a member of Shαdøw you have access to a large pool of talented PVE and PVP players that can accommodate your schedule. [u]Requirements:[/u] (There’s room for flexibility here—I believe in a good culture fit.) • 250+ raid completions • At least 2 flawless raids • No low-man tags required, but an emphasis on completing some • A desire to be a part of a day one raid team - Our Discord (Level 3 boosted) is setup as a hub for not only communication, but guides and information for raids/dungeons/GMs. - The game and the meta continues to evolve so we’re always sharing new builds and information to help you be at your best. - Inclusion is paramount. We accept everyone and encourage everyone to be themselves. This is a game and is meant to be fun. [u]Activity Requirements:[/u] - We encourage social members—getting to know people makes it easier to find those you enjoy playing with. - 30 days of inactivity will result in removal from the clan (unless specified ahead of time). [u]How do I join?[/u] You can message me on here via DM or add me on Discord (Adranelyne#0024).

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