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publicado originalmente en: I think most pinnacles should be un-sunset.
Editado por TheLastNerf: 10/28/2022 3:41:52 AM
Recluse was far from OP at the time it was sunset. Now we have very similar perks that Master of Arms may be marginally better than, but wouldn't completely topple like it did previously. Though the buff if provides is 30% (slightly higher than most perks), it only increases Precision damage, making it viable if you are consistently hitting headshots, but otherwise balanced. As for Mountaintop, I think they could un-sunset it with how terrible it is currently. It's about 85% worse now than when it was nerfed and subsequently sunset. It has abysmal in-air accuracy, the damage was significantly nerfed, and the velocity was destroyed. I understand it was a bit broken previously, but Bungo completely killed it everywhere Revoker is one I agree should stay sunset. I can't see any way in which it could be changed to still be unique, but not rewarding failure to hit shots

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