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Editado por Vale: 10/26/2022 9:07:55 PM

last words catalyst

/note before this is released something needs to be done about its aim assist on controller on PC its alittle strong -50 aim assist might help but idk/ like the inverse of dead mans tale last words catalyst would be based on its ads "steel sights" allows last word to be proficient when ads allowing its main perk to work with both hip fire and ads while ads its RPM goes down to 180 headshot kills grant marksman's dodge energy meaning only marksman's dodge, after preforming a marksman's dodge with 3 or more stacks consumes all stack granting blinding to any equipped solar subclass grenade for 30s marksman's dodge also grants substantial grenade energy /note even with last words aim down sights back it would only be good for 0 to 40 meters past that and you body shots start dealing more damage then your headshots do also this catalyst is to bring some more utility to marksman's dodge now that its kind of mid/

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