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10/25/2022 5:22:55 PM

Warlocks have no competition between exotics.

Ophidians and transverse steps have been at the top for so long ive gotten tired of seeing them ther. Its been literally years, and there has been almost 0 changes in warlock meta aside from geomags(nerfed) and contraverse hold (also nerfed) It's ridiculous how long these 2 exotics have been the most used in pvp for warlocks. I understand that they are strong and have a high skill ceiling, but this is getting ridiculous. Titans and hunters have constantly changing metas in crucible, meanwhile any exotic on warlock that has a similar flavor to theirs, will just get nerfed into the ground and warlocks resort back to the same two exotics. It's BORING. Yes I know there are some decent exotics outside of those two, but the sheer number of exotic options vs the other 2 is staggering. Look at Gryfalcon for example, could you all imagine bungie letting warlocks get a damage buff when our rift ends??? Even without the invisibility they would NEVER do it. Warlock exotics have no real competition in pvp.

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