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Scientia Illuminata and other influencer only giveaways

The Emblems that Bungie gives away via Content Creators are great, I just wish that they would instead let us claim them via twitch watchtime, just like they did with the [url=]Lightfall Reveal Emblem[/url], and not weird giveaways. While this may lead to a increase in viewership for smaller streamers, it isn't real growth and will just disappear after the giveaways are over. The Viewers that appear are all just checking each and every Streamer for their giveaway and are mostly impatient and sometimes even just plain rude. Especially Spanish/Portuguese speaking Creators were given quite a few codes this time around and were hit with a barrage of increasingly annoyed english speakers spamming in chat. [url=]Tweet by Kaalsomse[/url] in which she complains about exactly that. More Examples: Tweet1 by [url=]iScream_Queen[/url] and [url=]Tweet2 by iScream_Queen[/url] Furthermore, alot of accusations about "rigged giveaways" or too much "moderator luck" (aka giving it too friends) is happening with these giveaways. And lastly, people do bot these giveaways in hopes of obtaining multiple keys to redeem and sell them on secondary markets. [url=]A example from a Falloutplays Giveaway on Twitch[/url] A mere 1-10 hour watch time requirment would make people watch content creators for far longer, which gives them more chances of leaving a proper impression. This could lead to a healthy increase in viewership and building a proper community. Obviously most people would just go to their bigger/favorite creators instead of checking out other ones, or just mute the stream and leave asap. But that leaves real statistics and a healthy environment to the smaller creators instead of inflating stats for a month and killing their patience while also getting rid of the secondary code market. Forgot that it is also also is heavily abused for fake giveaways on Twitter. Gets you followers and impressions. Later on just delete the tweets, rename the account and sell it. While this wont ever stop, less impressions and follows would go to these accounts if people wouldn't be desperatly entering every giveaway on their twitter feed because they can't obtain it without alot of luck. I would propose to implement the watchtime requirement for certain channels. This way Bungie can select a few channels each time that will have a increased amount of viewers since they are the only streams that are eligible for this rewards. Example for this can be found in the Overwatch and Anno 1800 Community and Bungies Lightfall Reveal Stream.

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