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10/18/2022 11:14:09 PM

Festival of the Lost is back, Come make some new friends!

The Accusers of the brethren is a destiny community that is committed to the learning experience and teaching of players, the Group offers amazing opportunities to learn fantastic new Raids, Dungeons and all the fun nifty stuff in between. With over 1000 members from countries all over the Globe it is a fast-growing Community on all platforms with the ability to go above and beyond. We have dedicated Sherpa’s that are able and willing to teach anyone, and everyone Raid mechanics and guides on how to complete the Wide variety of Destiny 2’s Raids, all in all the community is comprised of 10 Wonderful clans with people from every size and Shape geared up and ready to play. You don’t even need to join a clan to play it just adds to the fun! With an LFG channel for just about anything you'll be able to group up with like minded guardians. This really helps make those dreadful game modes a little bit more bearable. We also have a ton of “other than destiny channels”, if you need a break from the game for a minute or just want to chat with other guardians about some of your topics of interest. From food and booze channels, T.V./movies, and sports, you will definitely find what you are looking for! To start your crazy fun filled journey all you need to do is join the discord from the link above and follow the simple guide channels to get you started, we have a fantastic team of mods and guides also dedicated to getting people set up and comfortable in the discord, so what are you waiting for? If you have questions or need any help with getting started in the server, message me on discord @ Whopper629#5403 and I will be happy to assist you. All you must do is follow these 3 Steps: 1. Go to our Discord server by clicking the link above 2. Get your Profile and Guardian setup done 3. You will be given the option to Join over 10 different clans!. Come and Join in the Fun, Destiny is better with Friends!

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