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Editado por Seiryoku: 10/18/2022 7:52:38 PM

Bungie. About Hunter Melee

tldr: Please make Hunter default melee comparable to the Titans lunge or the Warlocks distance. Also provide a similar aim assist cone. And our own version of Sythos/Ophidians. It is time. The rubber banding wars are insane. Only Arc and Stasis can do this. And the Stasis one still behaves oddly because of all the changes to shuriken. But it's time to update it for the knife wielding Hunter classes as well. I say this because we were the class that primarily had projectile melees. But now that is across the board. And it would have been fine, till you punished Hunter gameplay so much to please the mob and entice people to the other classes. Slide stability nerf to reduce slideshotting and shotty accuracy. In air accuracy nerf. Specifically targeting stompies. Providing Titans with the best movement in game on many sub classes (skating, infinite melee charge), plus the highest survivability, with a dodge to shut up the Twilight Garrison mob for arc... Warlock lightning surge. Air dash. I mention this not to start an argument, but because I want to point out there's a difference between usage and effectiveness. People adapt Hunter quickly cause the movement is the most similar to other games and it is predictable. It also has the best aesthetic. And the choice to limit Hunter melee range made sense before the updates to all the light subclasses. But we don't exist in a vacuum. And your effort to even out the player bases is culminating to an extreme disparity driven by the uninitiated that are frustrated that they die to Hunters so often. But it's not cause Hunter is the best, it's the most common. The character creation screen needs to show endgame gear. The Titan looks like the thumb monster from Spy Kids. And the Warlock is frumpy. Show the 2nd best gear Destiny has to offer, like an MMORPG. Then you load into tutorial island in your burlap sack and see Shaw in his. Edit. Yes. Thank you Bore. I see here in the Dares Twab "Warlocks will be able to melee just as quickly as Titans and Hunters. We’re also removing the 1m range extension Warlocks received to compensate. We still think the idea of each class having unique qualities to their melee is interesting, but we want to do it in a way that won’t cause one class to consistently lose slap fights. Maybe someday in the future. Uncharged Melee Reduced melee range from 5.5m to 4.5m (now matches Hunter and Titan)" I just don't believe it to be true. If it is true, then there's no reason not to provide us Ophidians/Sythos. It's the only thing preventing sameness... Right? What do the aim assist / tracking cones look like between classes? Are they the same?

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