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Editado por Adranelyne: 10/15/2022 2:16:06 PM

• PREV∆LENCE • (PVP Division)

Thanks to the success we’ve had in the first few days and to the amazing response from our members I wanted to continue the growth of PREV∆LENCE, but through the other side of the game—PVP. In the same way that we want to create a culture of excellent PVE endgame players being able to push themselves we want to do the same with PVP. What I’m looking for here is dedicated, talented PVP players who push themselves and their teammates, but are willing to carry/teach. [i][u]Requirements:[/u][/i] • 1.5+ KD (not KDA) • x2 gilded Flawless seal • Absolutely NO CHEATING—there’s no place for that in this game and zero place for it in PREV∆LENCE. • Culture is extremely important in what we do—zero toxicity. Doing Trials carries can be a thankless job, but it won’t be here. Our PVE players are willing to reciprocate for any PVE-related runs you may need and I plan on occasionally doing some giveaways for our dedicated PVP team. [i][u]How to join:[/u][/i] You can message me on here or add me on Discord (Adranelyne#0024). Also please indicate that you’re reaching out for PVP—I’ve gotten a ton of responses this week and want to make sure I can separate them.

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