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Editado por Iron_Ranger: 10/14/2022 1:34:48 PM

Bungie, Gemini jester needs a buff, please fix.

Add loss of radar to 30 meters and enemies within 10 meter gets flashed (white screen) for 1 second. The disoriented thing is a joke and so is the 15-20 meters. It's not particularly good in PvP. There is a reason stompees, wormhusk crown, assassins cowl and liars handshake are top picks in PvP, they actually benefit from playing more aggressive and roaming the map. Maybe add super increase time of 1.5% or health buff each time you "disorient" a player? Some of the exotics needs a real overhaul (at least for hunter's). Edit* I've used them for roughly a week now in PvP (maybe total of 20 hours) and i fail to see its role really. Maybe they are good if you have two team mates with you and you "sacrifice" yourself to get close and remove their radar so that the team mates can move in? I'm 95 resilience and i rarely win those "disoriented and no radar" fights...or get away alive because the enemy lost their radar.
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