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10/7/2022 3:07:38 AM

Season 18 Connection Issues??? (Various bugs and litches making the game unplayable)

I've been experiencing odd connection issues with few error codes for the last 2 weeks. It started with an odd spike in stuttering and connection lag in crucible, despite having a decent ping and 7 mbps wifi connection (which I've been using with no changes for the past 2 years). I've also gotten random fps drops out of no where, especially during gun fights, which will drop from a constant my fps from 90+ (usually 120-170) to 50 and below. The oddest thing that's occurred for me recently is that I'll be playing a crucible match smoothly, and then I'll randomly get this bug where I'm basically invisible to everyone in the lobby. When this happens I'm not able to damage other players, or take damage myself, and it seems that I'm invisible to everyone in the lobby. Despite this there is no drop in fps, change in ping, or change in wifi connection, which basically leaves me in a state of spectating the match 100% smoothly for the rest of it's duration. The worst part of this is that testing what's wrong has been a pain in the -blam!- because of the crucible leaver penalty, so I basically have to sit through every game and spectate the match to make any real progress in fixing it. This only happens in crucible from what I've tested, and I've tried every method recommended on the help forums, run a file integrity scan on steam, and tweaked my router and pc settings to no avail. I also don't receive any error codes when this occurs, outside of the occasional "Contacting Destiny 2 servers" which seems to be a permanent thing in the game for me despite wifi and pc improvements in the past 2 years. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but it literally makes the Destiny unplayable. You guys put so much time into changing things that aren't important that it seems like you ignore the actual condition and quality of the game. Fix your game Bungie.

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