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10/1/2022 5:55:10 PM

The Osmium Order (Endgame Focused Community) (Xbox One Based) (US/UK/AU Time-zones) (18+)

Recruiting players who are interested in actively & consistently playing ALL Endgame aspects of Destiny 2 (Spoil Farms, GM's, Master Raids, Dungeons, Trials, etc.) People are on every day looking to fill up teams, if you need a community of people to enjoy D2 with, this is the place. We have a welcoming environment full of chill people that understands one's life outside of the game & helps to work around that so you don't feel left behind chasing the same goals as others! Plenty of groups going to get done whatever you need, just use our super organized Discord to find others doing like-wise! We need ACTIVE players who are self motivated to make & set up activities on your own. We have the tools, you just gotta use em. Don't be shy! There are plenty of cool and helpful people here. Must meet a certain maturity/competence/skill-level to join as we are not a daycare or carry service. Hold your own, respectfully. We will TEACH, not carry you through stuff. (Zero-Tolerance for PvP Win-Trading/Recoveries in PvE)

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