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9/28/2022 1:52:51 PM

Legion of Chosen Warriors (LoCW) recruiting, started fresh

Day1 destiny 1 clan that unfortunately didn't all transfer to destiny2 and maintain, recently done a complete tear down and rebuild from fresh! Trying to make a fun interactive helpful clan full of players who work together and help each other! We like to cover all content from casual story to intense raids to solid PvP play New lights and vets returning or still going strong are all welcome! Clan is led by a Dad who works full time so it's not gonna be one of those play 90 hours a day have flawless everything runs and stupid k/d just looking for active players who wanna enjoy and participate in all the content this game has to offer and are willing to help each other! Let's all make the most of this game together, we were all new lights once.

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