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9/20/2022 10:56:02 PM

Now i believe even more Mithrax will be a Guardian.

Devotion: Mithrax had Devoted his Life to the Traveler, Rejecting the power of Nezarec when he found Edio. Bravery: Edio has inspired Mithrax to change his way and Gave up his Relic...or Did he? Sacrifice: I think this part will be him Sacrificing his Relic, the piece he inherited from his Mother. Death: which will probably result in his Death, as Earmis stated "Even though I draw power from the Voice in the Dark". That tells me she has something. And during the Trailer for this Season, Mithrax Fights her, which leads me to believe, he will Die. Which will let Edio Reforge her Father into the "Kell of Light", as "what is the Debit, that all men pay"? I'm telling y'all, Mithrax will be made an Eliksni Lightbearer. This is his Redemption. "The Light Provides"

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