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The Band of the Hawkmoon is now recruiting!

Hello Guardians! The Band of the Hawkmoon is now recruiting new members! [i]We started as a two friends who played OG Destiny since beta, yet we never really wanted to commit to creating our own clan until very recent. Our original goal for this Clan actually started as Discord server that was intended to be a place where LFG players could come to stop having such a hard time with random toxic individuals/groups and gatekeeping people. The idea was to create a small community of old and new Guardians to gather and have fun playing the game! That original idea, spawned another in the form a clan! While the Discord we used still has the original intention of allowing Guardians to gather in a safer, less toxic environment, we gave everyone a choice to join us for more long term plans. Hence the clan! While everyone is free to use the server we created as a hub for all things Destiny, the clan offers an even more stable and fun community for other! [/i] All Guardians are welcome! Old Lights, New Lights, PvE players, PvP enthusiasts, Casual gamers and Competitive gamers! No one will be left out! We accept anyone as long as they adhere to the rules set up in the Discord/Clan rules section. -Be friendly (kind of obvious...) -No -blam!-, transphobic, racist, -blam!-, or any offensive content -The same goes with interacting with others; We have zero tolerance for racism/-blam!-/bigotry -No Gatekeeping please... -No threats to DDOS, DoX, or hack fellow gamers. -No spamming @ for users to join. You can do so moderately, but not to the point of causing irritation. -No self promoting other clans / discords through this discord. (Some exceptions apply) -Keep politics and religion talk to a minimum and avoid posting controversial and "on-the-edge" content. As long as these rules are followed, you are always welcome to join! [b]Join this link here to get started[/b]: [url][/url] If you have questions, feel free to message either Mikey.exe#5065 -or- Big John#0911 on Discord! We look forward to working with you Guardians!

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