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9/19/2022 5:55:24 AM

Iron Wolves Community and LFG

[b]Do you play Destiny 2?[/b] [i][b]Come and play with Iron Wolves Community and LFG[/b][/i] [u][b]Our Motto :[/b][/u] One for all, all for one [u][b]Clan name:[/b][/u] Iron Wolves Ro [u][b]Systems:[/b][/u] All Platforms/Crossplay [u][b]Language:[/b] [/u]Romanian/English [b]We are a pack of Carpathian veteran wolves, with a great passion for Destiny 2 and its universe.[/b] [i][b]If you share our passion and want to join the pack, whether or not you have experience with the game, here's what we'll offer in return:[/b][/i] [i]- A cheerful group full of nice people, ready to help wherever you got stuck - Wolves for weekly raids with a mix between experienced people (sherpas) and people with less experience. Super chill atmosphere. - Wolves for PVP, whether it's Trials, Survival or Iron Banner. We have people eager to team up with you. - Wolves for Master Nightfall and other high difficulty end-game activities. - LFG for all Romanians, regardless of the clan you belong to or the platform you play on. - Auto - Roles that reflect your evolution on Destiny 2 - Auto Seal (Titles you got on Destiny 2)[/i] [i][b]If you like the sound of this and you want to join the pack, here’s what we expect from you:[/b][/i] [i]- Involvement (activity) on the Discord server, where we have dedicated channels on various topics of interest. - In-game activities and interaction with clan members.[/i] Discord is highly encouraged if you like to make with us :raids/gm/pvp/end-game ...etc) That's all! [b]If you are a cool guardian do us a favor and [/b] [u][b]UPVOTE[/b][/u] this comment This keeps us trending, so more guardians can join us. [b]Would you like to join?[/b] You can find more details on our Discord server : (IN ORDER TO JOIN THE CLAN YOU MUST JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER FIRST - where you will find more details about us) [i][b]If you are stuck, do not hesitate to use support-ticket - from our server[/b][/i] Iron Wolves wants to expand into a community full of players interested in our favorite game Destiny 2. We want to connect as many clans as possible to work with A place where you can feel comfortable and where you won't be ashamed or frustrated that you haven't raided before. Come and help us become known. [u][i][b]About Iron Wolves LFG :[/b][/i][/u] We want to implement on our server an lfg system that can be used by any Destiny 2 player, regardless of the platform on which they play. We want to create a pleasant environment for all Destiny 2 players in this virtual world. [i][b]All Destiny Streamers from the entire Bungie community can advertise on our discord server [/b][/i] [b]BlackHamm3r is back and wants you to join the real Iron Wolves. Join the man that started it all and his vision of developing the most powerful international community in Destiny 2. We are the origin, and we will thrive together.[/b] [url][/url] Greetings to all Iron Wolves members, as you may know I am the one who founded the Iron Wolves community consisting of clans 1-10. After a while I decided to withdraw from it because the leaders from the other clans did not feel like managing them. When I retired, I asked them to change their name from Iron Wolves to what they want, but they completely ignored me and even laughed at me. I'm back and please stop posting on our behalf. If it is possible and I am not asking the impossible. I am here for any kind of negotiations. It's just that I'm going to contact the Bungie Staff if necessary and I see that we can't understand each other willingly. I founded Iron Wolves which consisted of 10 international clans in which the Admins and Founders of the clans were lazy and expected me to manage their clans, it took me about 3 hours a week just the administrative part. I had only managed to work on discord and the administrative side of the clans, and I wasn't even getting to the game anymore. You probably heard or met Iron Wolves 1 /2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/ 10 , later Iron Wolves 10 was transformed into Iron Wolves X , then renamed as Iron Wolves Ro and because I was tired of doing their work, I decided then to break away from the Iron Wolves and make a community of Romanians. Little by little we became a small but united clan. We have tried to create a server where comfort is the first place for us. Yes, we ran a server of 1700 members of which 970+ were members in Iron Wolves clans, and the rest 700+ were Guest, only 2 communities kept up with us on the Bungie forum. We ended up having over 150 votes with all the downvotes of the rivals, but the administration part was criminal. On the discord editing/bot setting side I have over 10k hours of editing and still have a lot to learn. [b]Why did you block me?[/b] [b]Is this how you treat your founder?[/b] [b]Hey old staff come on my discord server to negotiate[/b]

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