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9/6/2022 3:00:54 PM

No access to season passes despite downloading the deluxe edition

I purchased The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition, played through the intro missions, and then found out that I had no access to the season passes once I finished. I purchased on steam, and played on steam, and Steam denied my request for a refund since I played for more than 2 hours. Well, when you first load into the game, you are prompted with two choices, so, I selected one of the two. I didn't think that I'd be thrust into a mission right away but I wasn't going to argue. I'm here to play a game right? I didn't think to check my season passes because, I purchased them, so why would I think that they would not be unlocked? But once I finished the missions, I noticed it. Then, of course, and my friends were looking for a fix. A few of them are tech savvy, so rather than immediately requesting a refund as I wanted to, they wanted to try and figure it out. They were not able to, so the refund request was what I went for. Regardless of Steam's refund policy, I paid for a product, and did not receive what I paid for. They told me DLC issues were not something they could fix, and instructed me to contact Bungie, so here I am. But, I cannot find how to contact Bungie. At this point, I'm annoyed, irritated, and trying my best not to be angry. I have not even had the purchase for a full 24 hours. Please help. <-- Owned license on Steam <-- Seasons not unlocked <-- Denied refund

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