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Editado por RosieKawaii: 9/16/2022 3:52:05 AM

Interchangeable Suros Regime

Yes, have in-game fire mode change.


No. Suros is fine as it is.




So. I may just be reminiscing the past Suros' stature. But honestly? I think a change for Suros Regime is needed. The damage, range. And overall playability of Suros is good right now. And is not far off from what suros used to be in year one D1. But a change to Suros that would be beneficial for the weapon (And creating an even more versatile experience with the weapon, inviting more guardians to try it) would be to have focus fire, and spinning up, be able to be changed on the fly, like symmetry does in game. Meaning, If you are playing pvp for example, and are engaging a mid to far range target with focused fire, and suddenly see another target approaching you close range, you could flip the fire rate mode to fast, and deal with the threat. Instead of having to pull out an SMG, or a shotgun to deal with it. Being able to switch on the fly, not only would benefit the weapon overall, but would actually be a good reason to use other weapons such as snipers, or grenade launchers in your secondary, since you are able to engage most, if not all distance targets. The fire rate changing ability could be added as part of the catalyst, giving people the experience of using suros as how it always has been, but once you get the catalyst, the ease of use, and the versatility of the weapon is enhanced, giving you the experience of both of the fire modes, in the flip of a switch on the weapon. Please feel free to comment what you think of this post. And again, the damage, range, and all stats with the weapon are in a pretty decent spot at the moment. The only change I would personally like to see is up above. Thanks! Ad Astra Abyssosque!

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