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9/15/2022 5:52:17 AM

With Factions now gone... Can we have Weapon Foundry Vendors in the tower instead and a return of "weapons day"?

The "Weapons Day" feature from Destiny 1 was a nice feature. For those of you unaware of that time, Weapons Day was on Wednesday (afaik) and allowed players to "order" a foundry weapon that would be received 1 week later on the next Weapons Day. Also you had Bounties and Calibration Guns you could do for Banshee-44 which awarded additional boni. The Weapons from the Foundries back then were from Häkke, Suros and Omolon. But since we have so many Foundry weapons in Destiny 2 already, it gets hard to focus the grind on specific ones without Umbral Engram Focusing. Having Weapons Day back, allowing us to get 1 specific gun per week from a foundry we wish to get one from, would be a huge help in getting that right roll, especially if Bungie would add "focusing"-features that allow us to strife for specific perk types (for example, damage buff perks or stability perks, etc). Another benefit would be that we would get rid finally of all the New Monarchy, Dead Orbit and FWC embassies in the tower. Since they are gone, those areas serve no purpose.

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