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9/15/2022 12:02:22 AM

Divinity got many negatives, nerfing will just make the game itself worse, bungie never nerf

currently it's only positives are: slightly larger crit spot 30% debuff current negatives: 100 resilience pve flinch is so bad, i miss all rockets with div, and 50% of my linear shots 1 person dps is sacrificed, only 50% more damage if you got 6 players, 20% if 5 making this exotic completely useless in SOLO and hardly viable in 3 fireateam (like dungeons, except when crit spot is toooooo hard to hit) the crit spot actually has no precision damage modifier, which means damage will be base crit damage if a boss has a 2x modifier on crit, like kalli, shuro, riven etc. you can't hit or hardly see an edge of div bubble on large targets (golgoroth, morgeth, riven, grasp ogre, etc.) tap firing is tiring for fingers, just make the weapon fire slower so we can still use the bubble without tap firing. it's the hardest to get exotic, the GOS boss is just the worst, lfg practically will never get it done, you need luck to get veterans on lfg to 3 phase. The consequences of a nerf: if div bubble is gone the exotic is dead and everyone dismantles. the pve flinch is so bad i miss all rockets and 50% linear shots (linears easier to re-align) while divinity is on and either only 1 red bar was shooting me or the boss. some raid bosses will be completely ignored/leaving fireteam since no one wants headshots on rhulk or taniks with constant movement. if debuff is nerfed it's going to make damage checks way worse in raids. every raid boss will need a 30% health nerf while all lfg will be must be TETHER hunter or else you get kicked. no one wants to be stuck on an encounter for 3 hours, i will instead leave and look for a new group and this repeats over and over. forcing players to run hunter and tether will be more toxic and there's no other debuffs in game with 30%. the actual reason for grandmaster usage for divinity is the consistency at which it stuns overloads. same with le monarque. DIVINITY is a support exotic, it's only and perfect identity is as it is currently. it never needs any nerf. only a catalyst that makes the weapon fire slower (or make ammo economy more efficient somehow, maybe polaris lance perk where you get back ammo on precision hits), so we don't need to tap fire all the time (tiring for fingers).

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