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9/13/2022 5:02:33 PM

[ALL PLATFORMS] Looking for a place to call home? Join Accusers Of The Brethren! We offer an amazing community both in-game and our discord server community.

The Accusers of the Brethren would like to invite you to join our very active community. We are an established group focused on creating a fun, friendly, and welcoming environment. We have multiple clans associated with our server all working together to help conquer raids, exotic quests, Crucible, Trials, and more: 1. We offer a fantastic Sherpa team (RAID & Dungeon teachers) with extensive knowledge of each D2 Raid and Dungeons. And if you like teaching and find enjoyment in helping others we also give people the chance to join this prestigious team! 2. We have 10 active Clans to help with Clan bounties and engrams. Our members come from all corners of the world and are involved and willing to play. There's always someone online for you to play with. Any active members are welcome! 3. We are situated on a brilliantly created Discord server, which makes finding these activities super easy. Join voice chats for Raids, talk about other games, and find LFG groups with countless Guardians who want to play! 4. We play on every platform whether it be Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, making it easy to find people to play with and speak to. Especially with Discord Now on Xbox! 5. Our Discord server also has a wide range of non-Destiny content for you to interact with, including a variety of channels dedicated to different hobbies and interests. Our server is non-age restricted, so everyone is welcome, whether you are a New Light or a Grizzly Vet! We’ve got it all! Don’t hesitate! We welcome you to become a part of our big Brethren family.

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