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5/12/2022 6:41:42 PM

Ada mod rotation

Hey so, I'm a relatively new player. Started a couple months before witch queen. And since witch queen after realizing all the best builds use mods. I have been getting on every single day to buy all of Ada mods for the day. I have the destiny companion app and check on there as well. My suggestion is of the rotation of her stock can be more consistent. I mean I have seen melee wellmaker In her stock probably 3 times in the last month and not once have I seen well of tenacity. I've been trying to get every single mod so I never have the issue of searching for them again but the rotation of her stock is very inconsistent. Every day she should have different mods..until all mods have been there. Then start over. I shouldn't see melee wellmaker 3 times before getting well of tenacity. I know a lot of d2 players have been around forever and have all the mods but for new players it would be nice if I could collect all of the mods within a couple of months..350 ish mods. 4 a day. Shouldn't take more than 100 days If your getting them daily...but with the current rotation it could take years because the rotation is so Inconsistent.

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