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9/10/2022 1:05:10 AM


[b][GEN] ( Syzygy / Genesis 2.0 / Tempered Edge ) is recruiting![/b] We are a collection of three clans that work collaboratively as a cohesive unit, together on one discord server. We are looking to fill our ranks with cooperative players who are interested in both PVP and PVE / Raiding. [b]Genesis 2.0[/b] - Where it all began. Cast aside and left to die, Genesis 2.0 rose from the ashes. [b]Syzygy[/b] - Our increasing power could not be contained within one clan. The need for a second clan arose. [b]Tempered Edge[/b] - Our newest addition, not to be taken lightly. [b]What we bring to the table:[/b] -Veteran players that are willing to show you the ropes if you need help - there are usually clan members online at all times of the day. -A boosted discord server with high audio quality and the Charlemagne discord bot for automatic assignment of custom roles / etc. -Most of us are Eastern US but we have folks from all time zones. -Taco(s) and milkshake(s). [b]What you bring to the table:[/b] -We're looking for both new and established players for PVP/PVE/Raiding. -The only real requirements would be that you need to be active in discord / have a mic, and have a good attitude.[b] Racism or negativity will not be tolerated.[/b] [b]For an invite:[/b] (1) Upvote / comment on this post - this helps us gain more visibility and attract more members. Requested but not required. (2) Join our discord server - (3) Register with the Charlemagne bot (instructions in discord) (4) Message a member of THE CREW with your destiny ID for an invite

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