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Kill The Oversoul! | Discord | Sherpa Clan

[b]INTRODUCTION[/b] KTO is a clan that helps guardians learn raid mechanics so they can successfully get raid clears. We also do other various end game pve content like GMs. At the moment, KTO is a small clan, so we hope to double our roster before the end of the year. Our Discord is very active as that is where most communication takes place. [b]RECRUITMENT[/b] Currently we are looking for guardians who want to do raids every week. Having raid experience is ideal; however, if you are new to raiding you are welcome to join, so long as you have an interest in doing raids frequently. Steps towards becoming a member: 1.) Join [url=]KTO's Discord[/url]. 2.) Read KTO! RULES in #rules-n-bots. 3a.) DM or @ an admin in #general and request a "pre-invitation raid". 3b.) The pre-invitation raid is to get to know you before inviting you to the clan. 4.) Wait for an admin to get back to you to organize a time suitable for the raid. 5.) After acceptance, you will be given the "Unproven" rank. [b]FAQ[/b] [b]Q: Is this clan casual or hardcore?[/b] A: We are striving to become a more serious clan while at the same time not entertaining any kind of elitist attitude. [b]Q: Can I do X amount of raids each week here?[/b] A: There is no definitive number of raids because it depends on how interested enough people are. Hence, why we are looking for more people who have a vested interest in raiding. [b]Q: How old are the members?[/b] A: Most members are between 18 and 22. A few are older and fewer are younger. There is no strict age limit of admittance right now, but we prefer 18+. [b]Q: Is Discord mandatory?[/b] A: Yes, all communication takes place in Discord. We don't use in-game voice chat so please consider this if you are a console player. [b]Q: Can I join if I have X disability? [/b] A: Yes, as long as you are not deaf or mute so you can listen and speak callouts. [b]Q: What TZ are most members?[/b] A: We are primarily in the U.S. so PST, MST, CST, and EST. Most activity happens in the evening or at night. If you have any questions, make a comment below. I hope to see some new raiders soon!

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