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9/6/2022 10:36:31 PM

Lightblade nightfall is the worst strike, bungie nerf this nightfall before grandmaster comes out.

I won't bother explaining everything but will say the necessary stuff. lucent hive in this strike is stupid, following needs fix: lucent hive supressor grenades need an indicator they are there, like every other normal enemy grenade the void shield throw is impossible to dodge, curves in air, hits all 3 teammates, even from a wall ricochet, i'm at bottom of stairs, shield hits top wall of stairs, 180 horizontal+70 degree turn on shield and hits directly. All enemies: aggresssively noticeable on lucent hive and lightblade boss, whenever you are invisible they aggro you and run at you, standing as close to you as possible, no matter where you move. now i don't mind these being not fixed. but GM is impossible to complete. spending 1 hour wiping on boss room because we kept dying on master difficulty and everything just stupidly kills: boss rapid fire (splash damage def broken, like corrupted, the splash damage often hits multiple times), got yeeted by a thrall jumping down on my head or just simply died from breathing, it's impossible to deal with boss and champions at same time, while running, gunning, dodging, constantly stunning champions etc, the boss room is not designed for champions. now all i want is the 2 barrier champions to be either removed from boss room, or replaced with an unstoppable ogre instead.

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