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9/6/2022 7:05:19 PM

"The Hive will not be the Last Chosen by the Light"

😐 STOP READING IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE SPOILED!!!! LAST AND ONLY WARNING ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Second half is Opinion. [spoiler]So I viewed the Cutscene of Earmis describing Mithrax from a Baby to adult hood. So Mithrax's Mother Leader of the House of Weavers(aka House of Wolves) found the Pyramid on the Moon. Her and other members found Nezarec and cut his body up taking Relics. Mithrax's inheritance was his mother's piece, which gave him Increased Strength and aggression. Made him a Terrifying Killer, like Zavala said "he killed Hundreds of Guardians". So the Pure Darkness from these Relics are infecting him as more and more are Found. I believe, this is a Test for Mithrax and the Traveler is watching. Mithrax will show BRAVERY by rejecting the Relics....he will SACRIFICE his own life to stop Eramis from having them. Mithrax will DIE. Mithrax will then be Chosen and Edio will Teach her Resurrected Father...who Mithrax Is/Was....Kell of House Light, Kell of Kell's, Guardian of the Eliksni, Guardian of the Traveler. This literally mirrors Savathun Rise.[/spoiler] Who ever Read and wish to comment please put it in Spoilers.

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