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9/6/2022 2:12:20 AM

Bug: Can't Scroll Ghost Menu on Controller

I noticed this bug long ago and made a post about it too, but I don't know if it was lost to time or if it was seen and forgotten. I noticed that back in the days of Beyond Light, when the new ghost menu released, playing with a controller does not allow scrolling of the right-hand menu of the ghost if you are moving. You cannot scroll your tracked items, quests and bounties on controller if you are moving while trying to scroll. You can, however, scroll through the menu when you are standing still. I can confirm that this issue is present on both console (Xbox Series X) and PC (Steam, when using a controller input). For some reason, PC is able to scroll the ghost menu while moving, yet the controller cannot, and it has been like this ever since the release of the menu (which is like since chosen, I think).

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