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8/31/2022 12:29:57 PM

Seasonal Raids and Dungeons; Farmability, Fun, Repetitiveness and Luck

[b]Something [i]needs[/i] to change.[/b] [b]Introduction[/b] With the release of Season of the Haunted we were given access to the new dungeon, Duality. With this dungeon came weapons, the most dominant being the linear fusion rifle, Stormchaser, armor which was stylized after the weapon manufacturer "Häkke", and of course the exotic sword Heartshadow which is currently helping teams in the reprised raid, King's Fall, with absolutely melting War Priest with the 5 Lament 1 Heartshadow strat. With the release of King's Fall, I and my fireteam delved into the raid headfirst with it being some of the teams first time fighting Oryx, not having been there to play it during Destiny 1 myself but having clan members who have, it was an experience to say the least, the encounters were fun and of course challenging but once my fireteam had gotten use to the mechanics and flow of each encounter it became nothing but easy work while still offering the taste of something difficult for me up until Grandmaster Nightfall's are opened later in the season. But, after defeating Oryx and running up to the ending chest to spend the spoils I had accumulated the season prior, I was met with utter disappointment and realization that not only would I not be having fun with the reprised raid, but I would be powerless to do anything about it due to the circumstances relying heavily on luck. Before addressing what that disappointment was, there are a few key pieces of information that need to be brought up. [b]The Duality Dungeon[/b] The dungeon, Duality, came out on May 27th 2022 and has been the most recent dungeon released to the game as of posting this and will continue to, up until Season 19 and its dungeon is added to the game. Now with the dungeon Duality, myself and others have farmed and farmed and farmed the second encounter of the dungeon, "Unlocking the Vault" or "Vault" in order to efficiently grind for the linear fusion rifle, Stormchaser. The loot of each encounter dropping at the end of each completion regardless if it was a pinnacle run or not, the only difference being a pinnacle run offered loot dropped at a higher light level where subsequent runs after would drop at 1560 or 1570 depending on the Guardians own light level. [b]The Vault of Glass, and Deep Stone Crypt Raid[/b] With the release of Beyond Light expansion came the raid the Deep Stone Crypt or "DSC" for short which launched on November 21st, 2020. The Vault of Glass or "VOG" for short released as free content for every Destiny 2 player on May 22nd 2021. Now with these two raids there was something that I noticed when I got to the final encounter, beating both Taniks and Atheon, and walking up to the final chest to spend my spoils. For each raid there was the option to buy chests with each chest correlating to a specific encounter which had its own loot pools that they could draw from, 1-3 pieces of armor and 1-3 weapons. [b]The King's Fall Raid[/b] With the introduction of the King's Fall raid, which released on August 26th 2022 alongside the new Season of Plunder, came the excitement, thrill and anticipation of delving back into the Dreadnaught to face a familiar foe as we had with Taniks in DSC and Atheon in VOG. But as my team and I finished Oryx off, it being some of our team members second time doing so since the release of it back in Destiny 1, I was met with the realization that I would not be having fun with the new raid. As it stands, King's Fall released with; The returning Exotic, Touch of Malice Fusion Rifle, Midhas's Reckoning Machine Gun, Qullim's Terminus Scout Rifle, Doom of Chelchis Sniper Rilfe, Defiance of Yasmin Pulse Rifle, Smite of Merain Zaouli's Bane For the returning armor; The Hunter Set, Darkhollow Suit The Titan Set, War Numen's Suit And the Warlock Set, Worm God Suit None of which are farmable, none of which can you do multiple runs on the same character in order to get a chance of another armor piece or another weapon dropping from any encounter. Nor can you buy a chest like you could with VOG or DSC at the end to catch up or complete a set of armor, or be able to focus buy a specific gun from the raid. [b]Farmability, Fun, Repetitiveness and Luck[/b] With the key points and information being glossed over, I only have a few more talking points before coming to my conclusion. [u]Farmability[/u] I would like to see a change to raids, it doesn't make sense that dungeons, an end game offers the ability for players to both farm and continuously run through them in order to farm for weapons and armor without having to wait a week in-between runs to get anything meaningful in their chase to get complete armor sets, or specific weapons and their roles. [u]Fun[/u] I want the game to continue being something I can play to relax and unwind rather than something that feels like a chore, something that gives back the time I'm investing into it with rewards that are of equal value or worth to the time I've given to continually play the game. [u]Repetitiveness and Luck[/u] I don't want each and every week I play a new raid to be left up to luck on weather I get what I'm looking for or not, I don't want to have to wait for the weekly reset in order to farm for a specific armor piece I'm looking for, for a specific gun I'm looking for, I don't want to leave my desires, my goals for completing a raid to be left up to the repetitiveness of luck time and time again. Exotics are not included in this. [b]The Future and Beyond[/b] I don't enjoy leaving the chance of completing an armor set or having a specific gun drop from an encounter up to luck. It becomes repetitive and an annoyance to come back to a raid week after week, to not have the one thing you want drop from an encounter, drop. It's annoying to cross your fingers on weekly reset hoping that you'll finally get the drop you were looking for to actually drop. I feel that every player should be able to have their rewards equal their amount of time and dedication put into the game. I don't think that their time and dedication should be left to luck which in-turn creates a repetitive cycle that both upsets the player and leads to them being turned away from the activity or content. [b]Something [i]needs[/i] to change.[/b] Thank you for clicking on this, I hope the rest of your day/night is amazing. [b][u]Ad Astra.[/u][/b]

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