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8/31/2022 11:54:06 AM

Suggestions -> Titan needs one Range instant Damage Super

Dear Bungie and fellow Guardians, first of all yes im a Titan Main, I like my crayons colorful and of course i dislike everyother class. Now that we've done all the Cliches let me come to my point. Titans need a ranged Super with instant damage just like everyother class has them. Yes we can bonk and our rocket was stronk but looking at the last King's Fall Raids and Last season some GM/Raid stuff i did i always thought for myself that the titan really is in need or missing a ranged instant damage ult because the only other ranged dmg we have is the thrown hammer super. At the following "why" you could say hunters need something like bubble/well but this topic is not about them. As titan you have the Bubble or Shield to Buff n Protect similar to this is the well, here hunters lack something if you don't count void debuff arrow anchors. All Classes have multiple add Clear ults lasting for some time. But only Warlock and Hunter have ranged instant damage ults like Blade Barrage, Golden Gun or Nova Bombs. As Titan we only have the hammer throw which is ok but takes to long. In King's Fall for example you can't use your Rocket Instant damage really good and in some GM stuff and other things you just don't want to stand in the Face of the boss after a Rocket and run for your life. Therefore i suggest to give the titan at least one ranged instant dmg super or after we saw the chargeable arc fist maybe we can get some exo or feature to be able to hold a key and channel all super energy into one hammerthrow dealing all the damage at once. i would like to hear your Feedback, opinions and Ideas. Thanks for your time of reading and have a nice day

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