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8/30/2022 6:42:28 PM

Do you want an additional character shot

So I recently got my son on Destiny 2 and was helping him start a new game and new character as free to play until he shows he is committed. While I was helping him out made me realize just how much different the game is when your running a brand new character from nothing. It reinvigorated me to the game. I went to my own game and logged in thinking I would start a new character but realized with only three slots and me having builds set up one for each class it would mean spending hours clearing vault space and locking items only to hope I can remember what I had on that character later on. I think it may be time to give us an additional character slot. If I had a new one that I could avoid using previous weapons and resources on it might help me recapture the fun of that very first climb into the game. Share this if you like the idea and let me know what you think.

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