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8/30/2022 1:12:48 PM

idea for season 19: season of preparation/catalysts/reworks

with light 3.0 out of the way we would like to have the guns rework for various stuff 1. catalysts: add catalysts to guns that currently doesn't have a catalyst examples: parasite/anarchy-both could use auto loading and maybe an additional perk. devil's ruin -rapid hit, vorpal is my pve dream, vorpal probably won't because of pvp, instead rapid hit and a perk that makes the laser scorch targets seem good divinity - ammo economy, return ammo on precision hit or make the gun fire slower, tap firing hurts my fingers. one 1000 voices - field prep seems nice, also could apply haeavy scorch stacks. chaperone - on the go subsistence would pair well in pve salvation's grip - alternate firing mode that carpet bombs with the dawning stasis mines and other exotics etc. 2. underperforming exotic buffs: getaway artist became useless now, def needs an additional funcionality, like create ionic traces on arc soul hits. borealis - does it still exists? etc.

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