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8/24/2022 12:24:48 PM

What's the matter with Bungie Store?

What's the matter with Bungie Store? I wanted to claim the hardly earned rewards, several T-Shirts, when I discovered the impossibility to set a billing adress or shipping adress to finish the order. In the "country selection" checkbox there is the country GERMANY not to be found or listed. My bungie store account exsists since August 2019. The login password of the store account is already reset. The e-mail adress is already veryfied, Bungie. net is already linked to Bungie Store, but after filling out all checkboxes, except the country checkbox, the message appears: select your country and all progress stops. Is there no GERMANY exsisting in the US Cosmos? What are you doing to a, probably non exsisting, german Guardian, do you want to kidding me? I formerly ordered 2 rewarded T-Shirts and one rewarded exclusive Hoodie, for which I spent a lot of EURO in this "american" shop! At last, there must already exsist the billing and shipping adress! I beg you to fix these problems soon, because iI want to claim the Gods- Chest T-Shirt before the 31st of August 2022, for the discount offer would be $ 6 cheaper! Yours, Aetherlurchi, the probably non exsiting german Guardian

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