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8/20/2022 4:03:18 PM

Hey just a Suggestion Bungie...

I have an idea to share, does anyone remember sparrow racing? It was fun right although you can only play it if your in a private match in D1 but how about instead of bringing it back what if Bungie made ship racing? You would either fly just above the orbit of a planet or moon with obstacles to avoid and check points to hit. The check points would speed you up whilst the obstacles would lower your altitude and speed for a bit until you can pick it back up. There could also be maps just within the atmosphere of the planet or moon your on. The obstacles I was talking about could be satellites or debris if your above the planet and if your within it it could be mountains, tall buildings or ships from cabal, fallen, hive or scorn etc.(these would also shoot bullets you’d have to evade and would also be above orbit ). We also talked about there are guns on most of the ships (if not all) so we could use those to shoot other guardians and gain even more points by destroying the ships from the fallen etc. Holiday would be running the ship races to give her a more active roll. What do you guys think?

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