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8/13/2022 6:40:17 PM

Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C7 PT2

"Oh hey, Cayde," she smiled, "Yeah, we're out getting lunch," she paused, "Yeah, I can bring her there," another paused, "No problem, I'll meet you there," she turned to Jack, "Well you might want to decide what class you're going into; the Vanguard wants to see you, and I don't think it's just because of Sheldon this time." The two threw away their trash and began to make their way to the Hall of Guardians. Both were careful not to bump into other Guardians and civilians who passed by them. "What do you think I should pick?" Elizabeth shrugged, "You have a lot of questions; maybe you'd be a good Warlock," she laughed, "Then again, you do have a bit of a rebellious side, I can tell, so maybe you'd be a better Hunter." "Can I choose both?" "Eh, not really. Sometimes the classes overlap; you'll see a headstrong Hunter or a sneaky Titan, but it's rare. You basically need to choose who you'll take orders from, and you'll be trained in their fighting methods. So my suggestion is, do you want to fight stealthy, guns blazing, or with strategy?" "Uuh, all three?" Elizabeth laughed, "Just go with you're gut; it never does you wrong." Elizabeth stopped at the entrance to the large room where the three Vanguards conducted their meetings and bid Jack good luck before turning and leaving. Jack stared into the space and saw the three Vanguards talking. She took a deep breath and made her way in. "There you are!" Cayde smiled, "How was lunch? Did you try the Spicy Ramen?" Jack grinned, "No, Elizabeth wanted to save my reaction to Spicy Ramen for you." Cayde rested his hands on his hips as he turned to the other two Vanguards, "She really is a sweetheart, isn't she?" "Focus, Cayde," Ikora said calmly. "Right, right," he turned back to Jack, "So Jack, we understand that you just got here yesterday and still don't know much about our ways... But we were wondering if you're ready to pick the class you want to be in?" She frowned and looked over at Ikora and Zavala before looking back at Cayde, "Eh, sort of, I think I know, but I still don't understand what Titans do." "Titans are a symbol of strength and sacrifice," Zavala spoke, power admitting from every word he said, "The first Titans built the wall and gave their lives defending it; we protect all those who take cover in our shadow, and we-" "I thought Titans were just giant bullet sponges with no common sense," her body tensed as she saw the frustration in Zavala's eyes. She quickly pointed to Cayde, "That's what Cayde told me!" "I did not!" Cayde snapped, "I said they're the definition of all brawn and no brain, big difference!" Zavala shot him a glare; he cleared his throat and waved his hand, "But please, Zavala, continue with your speech." He sighed and shook his head, "I believe she has already made her choice." Jack was silent for a moment before nodding, "Yeah, I think I have; I think I'd like to be a hunter." "Yes! That's my girl!" Cayde locked her into a headlock before giving her a noogie; Jack grunted and sneered as she tried to push him away, "You're gonna have so much fun jumping and dunking on those stupid Titans in the Crucible-" Cayde looked up when Ikora cleared her throat. "Oh, Uh, I mean, good choice," Cayde said as he released her, Jack shooting him a glare as she straightened out her messed-up hair. Once she had fixed her hair to her liking, she looked over at the two Vanguards, "So what do I do now?" They were quiet for a moment until Ikora spoke, "There's someone we believe who might be able to help your Ghost." Jack decided to ignore the comment about Sheldon, still fully believing that he didn't need help. But she decided to play along; if this person knew about the Ghosts, maybe they'd know about the Traveler. "Oh?" She questioned with a quirked brow, "Who?" "We call him the Speaker."

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