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8/8/2022 4:25:40 PM

Destiny 1 ban

Why was i banned from destiny 1, yes the first game of the saga. back in April of 2021 after not playing for months before hand. Today i tried to play destiny 1 for some nostalgic feelings but when I go to log in it says "not so fast, this account has been banned for more information go to" I did do that but they don't seem to have d1 support anymore which I guess is understandable. anyways, I go to my email and vigorously search for anything bungie related and it says in April of 2021 that ive received an account ban, the last time I know I played was in December of 2020 into late January because of a Xbox live gift card on Christmas for 1 month, so I played completely fine until that live subscription was over. then months later I apparently receive the ban. I just want to know why i was banned or even see if other people had something like this happen

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