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(Karen Mode Activated) I think I represent a good amount of the player base in saying that we are utterly sick and tired of seeing "This issue is being investigated." It's a nonsense statement that is plastered throughout the forums, Twab, and twitter. Does it imply its being worked on, the time-frame a patch is estimated, is it even an issue with our connection or a server error, is there a glitch in the code?...DIRECT COMMUNICATION IS PARAMOUNT. As customers who are seeking help with the product that we are paying for, we would like to actually receive practical information regarding our issues. Nearly every other gaming network or studio has a ticket-submission system in which a technical support agent will investigate the customer's situation and work with them with live-updates as they try to fix the customer's problem. We don't have that...we have a forum where nothing seems to get accomplished and if you're lucky you'll get a response from a volunteer who they themselves have no direct communication with tech-support. From my own experience, the very moment I started playing Destiny 2 I encountered a game breaking bug which was allowed to exist for nearly 5 patches. I was unable to unlock subclasses for either solar or arc. It took nearly three months before the issue was fixed and in that entire time, there were 3 posts made stating "it's a known issue and being investigated." I had to literally hound individuals to get ANY actual information regarding the bug, which in itself was very little because frankly no body new about it. This shows a level of miscommunication (or lack of communication) between the Devs and the very forum which is supposed to be a place to find help. Go to any 10 posts in the help section, and take notes, how many have responses from a mentor, how many are flat out ignored, how many have a response from Bungie? Now the kicker, out of any that do have a response, what is the chance it's a single statement with no follow-up nearly identical to "This issue is being investigated/it has been sent to the devs?"

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