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8/3/2022 10:33:09 PM

exotic gun shaders and ornaments

So, I've been playing destiny since the launch of the first game and I got to say it doesn't feel right that with the launch of d2, we never did get the chance to shade our exotic guns, near the end of d1 we got some awesome ornaments but it didn't take that next step to greatly improve on the system. with the amount of exotic guns now in destiny 2, I think this is the perfect timing. We did start to get more ornament heavy during destiny 2 with both exotics and legendary guns which I feel was an awesome improvement but I'm curios why, one small selection of guns where there is almost always 1 in slot, cannot have shaders applied. There is a correction, shaders do work with exotics and are some of the best looking guns that the game could put out, but are hidden behind an unnecessary barrier. I did a fair amount of testing and found that some exotic guns were more difficult to shade like the Cerberus +1 and huckleberry, but guns like the jade rabbit and sweet business would take anything I could give; testing would only work with the primary slot. To do this yourself (I highly recommend you do check it out), equip an exotic into the primary slot, go to collections and preview some shaders and I'm certain you will find a combo of gun and shaders that you are upset cannot be accessed. I'm not saying to get rid of ornaments, on the contrary I love the ornaments for guns but when a legendary gun has over 200 looks with ornaments and most exotics only have 2 variations, it feels like exotic guns are missing out on some love and amazing looks. I think it would be awesome to have the option to fully shade our exotics with ornaments composing of the physical or design changes that the shaders could be applied to, so we can finally customize that final frontier of our inventory slot that has been locked out for so long, from shaders made with so much love. This could extend to eververse if needed, showcasing an exotic ornament as base but also 2 or 3 side by sides of different shaders to give a better perspective on versatility before buying with silver or bright dust could be an opportunity to boost some sales, or convince players to out a little more time in to grind out the bright dust. Thankyou for your time reading this! If you have any additions to this line of questioning or corrections to my hopeful prospects (like say bungie a year ago discussing the subject but deciding not to engage), do leave a comment below.

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