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Destiny 2

Discusión sobre Destiny 2
8/2/2022 12:25:11 PM

Grinding Leviathan weps is rewarding like Z-tier f2p. Is this the same studio that made Menagerie?

Nightmare Containment is less fun than opening the original Leviathan doors, at least teamwork existed. And something cool was in the next room. The experience of grinding for red-borders is straight up hateful. "Focused" weapons costing 27 OUE (~4 FULL Containment runs) for like 20% or less chance of red is jokes. So I crapshoot 7 OUE gambles... and still end the play session [b] pocketing fk all[/b]. Destiny may be listed f2p, but having bought every installment since long before Seasons.. it is not cheap. Bungie has taught me to expect a befitting premium experience, and this ain't it.

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