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Shaders, appearance tab and armour mods.

3 quick suggestions here; Firstly, shaders. We have so many shaders now that there are several pages we need to go through to get to the one we want. It'd be nice if there was a 'favourite' feature that moves those shaders you love to use to the first shader page. Secondly, appearance page. We have the ability to fully customize out guardians' armour in this tab but we still have to go up and apply shaders/ornaments to weapons separately. It'd be nice if weapons were added to this tab so we can also customize weapons alongside armour. Thirdly, mods. Having the main spurse for armour mods from Ada-1 can mean that people wait months for the mod they need for a build. My solution would be that all the combat adjusting one like lucent blade or wellmaker mods, ect, stay with her but all 4 (maybe 5?) Are those mods. All the rest of the mods, like scavenger mods, or dexterity, ect, are added to random dropped armour in the world which get added to your collection as you pick them up; we get so many random blues and purple gear dropped and 95% of it is just dismantled anyway, so having this armour drop mods we might not have would make them a little better to get and the mods a little easier to obtain. Thank you.

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