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7/31/2022 2:46:05 AM

Random Roll Sunset Weapons From Collections

Hey Bungie, with the amount of weapons stuck rotting away in our collections I believe it should be time to give them some new life. When we go to get sunset pinnacle or year 1 weapons from our vault we are able to buy them with legendary shards and glimmer. We should do the same with Post-Forsaken weapons also, including but not limited to: The Original Gambit Weapons, Black Armory Weapons, Tangled Shore Weapons, Old Gunsmith Weapons, and even Season of Dawn weapons that got did so dirty when sunsetting came around (I miss you perfect paradox). Of course this comes with a catch. You have to have those weapons in your collection first. That makes it so that players who worked so hard for their raid weapons and treasures don't feel too scammed when you can pull random rolls of almost any collectors weapon from your collection. This could bring new life into old things and allow the crucible variety to become more diverse with old classics like Halfdan, No Feelings, Blast Furnace, and Spare Rations. I hope you consider this for the future of destiny because this could be a very simple and helpful solution to dry seasons in the crucible. This could help clear up a bit of the boredom in the content droughts too if people decide to get a bit of nostalgia from older guns by pulling them from collections and trying them out in crucible, while also grinding for glimmer and legendary shards to get them. This allows for more people to play destiny for older classics. This is only a beneficial thing to Destiny and allows you to have a big of playtime profit also! Hope you consider this as it could be the next best feature in Destiny 2!!! Hopefully this is helpful to you and I hope the community believes the same as I do.

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