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7/23/2022 7:15:34 AM

Favorite toggle for shaders? Please?

Okay, I love the fact that shaders are no longer consumables but the fact that every shader owned is shown with no favorite toggle, search function or any kind of organization is getting frustrating with how many shaders are coming in with every season. The only aspect I liked about the old shader system was you didn't hold all the shaders but just the ones you want to use. Plus finishers have a favorite toggle feature so why not shaders? Also add "Cloak of the emperor's agent" cloak to be unlocked for synth weave, there are multiple cloaks that have different names and look exactly identical but have different colors just like the normal and prestige leviathan cloaks. It's making my OCD bones rattle that I have to wear the clock but I can transmog the armor and it's extremely hypocritical that a raid sets class item can be excluded but two white cloaks that look the same just different color and names can both be unlocked for synth plates. TL;DR Shaders need some kind of organizational system and -blam!- mad rant about bungos hypocrisy with synthweave armor that can and can't be unlocked with it.

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