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7/19/2022 8:58:39 PM

Destiny 1 Character Transfer to Destiny 2 Question

Upon logging into Destiny 2 for the first time on the same Xbox account as Destiny 1, I was shown all of my past achievements from Destiny 1. But, after the slideshow, I was only prompted to create a new character in Destiny 2, not import a character from Destiny 1. After reading the FAQ on Destiny 1 Account and Character Migration ( ), it seems like I should have at least one character available for transfer that was migrated back in 2017. Last time I played (2016) I had a level 40 hunter that had complete the Taken King expansion and final raid under the same Xbox live account I am currently using. ( Account stats for reference, maybe this shows if I was missing something that needed to be completed in order to be migrated? ) Is there any way to still import characters? What am I missing if I can't, just emblems and achievements? There is a lot of misleading information online about whether or not this is still a feature, hence me asking here. Multiple people online mention August 2017 in the FAQ as the cutoff for Destiny 2 character imports, but considering Destiny 2 wasn't even released yet, that seems more like the date that they migrated the data, not the date they disabled the import feature in Destiny 2. If there is anything I could do to still import the same characters, let me know. (Not sure if I need to purchase the expansions instead of just playing the free to play game, or if I need to enable cross save or some other issue). Thanks for the help!

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