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7/8/2022 6:30:49 PM

No Gjally love for Ireland!

Howya! Waited in the queue for the Bungie Store to open again and was looking forward to buying a few items for my birthday next week. After some deliberation with Wifey I placed the NERF Gjally into the shopping basket and went to pay. Only after getting to the checkout was I told that there were no shipping options at all for Ireland! I tried again with smaller items only to receive the same message. It would really make my birthday (46 yo) to be able to show my support for Destiny 2 as I'm thinking about getting back to Streaming again with D2 in the near future (have been busy filming our 1st Horror Short Film over here for the past 6 months) also Destiny 2 has really been helping me to recover from Devastating Life Changes so I'd like to help you support your great causes. If you do get to read this, please consider The Emerald Isle in the future as we are after all, The Land of Saints (XIV) and Scholars! Slán, Kris aka Blackthorn

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