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FOMO or fear of missing out

I have a few major complaints with the eververse store and how it functions. But first a little context. I stopped playing destiny 2 around season 4 when loot boxes were added onto the game. To me the bungie I grew up with was dead at that point so I have up on destiny. I didn't come back until this season. Season 17. That's a LOT of content I missed out on. Including dlc I may never get to play thanks to sunsetting. Which I have my own complaints about but I digress. So after some convincing by friends I come back and bought all the expansions. My friends assured me it was worth it. And it was. Kinda. My complaint stems from the fact most of these cosmetics are locked behind a wall of RNG that would make even the most advent gambler blush or sunsetted entirely. My primary examples are Death to kells. An exotic ship from season 6 I believe? The Skulking Fox another exotic ship from a later season that I can't recall and Chrysoplea. The Skulking Fox can be earned through bright engrams but the chances are abysmally low with duplicates being the greatest prevention from "earning" this ship. Get rid of duplicates. It's not player friendly and it's sure as hell not rewarding. As for the Death to Kells and Chrysoplea neither appear in the collections tab. From research online I've learned they can be purchased from eververse. But considering the literal hundreds of other items that could fill those slots I think the issue is quite prevalent. These 3 exotic ships are my most sought after items cosmetic wise. And yet they chances of me getting them now might as well be 0. The archive in eververse should have ALL cosmetics that has been previously listed in the store. Simply put any cosmetic that could be previously bought no matter what season should be available to everyone. And don't give the "well you should have been there" excuse. Bungie shouldn't have added loot boxes. And bungie should be trying to EARN our money. We shouldn't be trying to earn the right to spend our money. That's inherently predatory. My proposal is to tweak the eververse store. Weekly and daily rotations provide discounts on certain items. While certain rarities of items have a flat price. Exotics? 900 silver/2000 bright dust. Legendaries? 700 silver/1500 bright dust etc. Something like that. People being able to access cosmetics they missed out on is better for Bungie and for the players. To cut this long winded complaint short I want my damn Death to Kells. Please and thank you. Edit: Autocorrect mistakes

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