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publicado originalmente en: The issue with Bergusian Night
6/29/2022 10:53:21 PM

none of your business 1/26/2023 12:58:25 PM

[quote]Bergusian night is 100% one of my favorite shaders in the game, but it has one glaring flaw with any cloth material. It shifts over time back and forth between the nicest color of purple ever and the nastiest dirty grey ONLY on cloth armor mats. Please PLEASE make this shader good more than half the time by making it not shift to that ugly grey anymore.[/quote] There is a blue based one from forges that never dropped, I dismantled a boatload of gear with it in use Would be nice to have it fall in my lap, but sometimes you gave deal with how poo poo b made rng I’m living just fine without it as are you

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